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3 Situations When A Ductless HVAC System Could Be Ideal

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Air conditioning is essential in Florida, especially when you have elderly parents or young kids in the home. If your old air conditioning system needs to be updated or replaced, then you should consider a ductless AC system. A ductless system keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter with no need for ducts, and this system is a good match for certain homes. Take a look at three situations where a ductless air conditioner is worth considering.
1. Your Older Home Has a Small Attic
If you live in an older home built before central air conditioning systems were installed routinely, the house may not have room for ducts. The attic could be so tiny that duct installation would be difficult or too expensive. If that's the case with your home, you might rely on window or wall units to keep you cool and space heaters or a fireplace to keep you warm. Switching to a ductless air conditioner would be a much better option since it works just like central air.
A technician installs an air blower on the wall, near the floor, or on the ceiling so it doesn't take up window space like a window unit does. And a remote controls the blower for comfort and convenience. You can size the unit to keep your entire home comfortable, and you can have more than one blower so you can control the temperature in different rooms of your home independently. Your home will be cool and comfortable in the hot Florida summer without the need to install ducts.
2. You Built a Home Addition
When you add a new bedroom to your home, climate control is an important consideration. If the bedroom is for a baby or young kids, you need a cooling system you can rely on to keep your children cool when it's hot and humid outside.
A ductless system can provide targeting cold air, and it can also provide heat in the winter. This keeps your kids nice and warm in the winter even if you keep the rest of your home chilly.
If your current air conditioner can't handle the extra load of a new home addition, then adding a separate ductless AC for the addition is a good choice. You can control the temperature in the addition separately so you can save money by turning off the AC when the room is not in use. This saves money if the addition is used only occasionally as a guest room. Plus, you won't have to factor ductwork into the building plans.
3. You're Concerned About Air Quality
A ductless system eliminates problems with dust and allergens circulating through your home's central heating and cooling system. Ducts collect dust, pet hair, and other allergens that can trigger your symptoms when you have allergies.
A solution is to have your ducts cleaned regularly, but a more permanent solution is to avoid installing ducts. This also eliminates the risk of rodents or other pests getting in the ducts or tearing them up to create air leaks that make your cooling system less efficient. A ductless air blower connects directly to the outside unit with small hoses that pass through the wall. This helps keep the air that comes out of the blower cleaner, and that might help your allergies.
When you're ready to upgrade from window air conditioners and space heaters or replace your current central HVAC, talk to Krauss & Crane, Inc. about your options. We'll install the right ductless cooling and heating unit that will keep your home comfortable all seasons of the year.