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Air Filter Services

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​Care for Your Family

Indoor air quality is one of the most important green-building modifications you can do. In addition, by caring for your air quality, you and your family stay healthier and live comfortably. Our dedicated team makes living in Florida a year-round paradise. 

Indoor and Outdoor Pollution

Outdoor air is commonly believed to contain more pollution than indoor air. However, indoor air quality can be up to 10 times worse than that found outdoors. Indoor pollutants are often created by building materials, furniture, cleaning and hygiene products, computers, cooking and much more. These tend to build up faster because they are in a contained area. 

Humidity’s Effect on Air Quality

When humidity is too low or high, it can cause discomfort, poor air quality. If humidity is higher than 60 percent, it is possible for mold and mildew begin to form. However, if the humidity is lower than 30 percent, eyes may become irritated and skin becomes dry. The best humidity varies based on the seasons and temperature. Call us today for more information.

Improving Your Air Quality

While keeping your floors clean and making your home a non-smoking zone can help, it is almost impossible to keep your air clean naturally. Air cleaners and filters, however, can clean the air in ways you cannot. We can supply and install the latest technology in air filtration, purification and dehumidification. Keep your air clean and your family healthy.