Heat pumps are efficient heating systems to keep your Martin County, FL, home comfortable throughout the cold months. When your heat pump starts making loud and unusual noises, it signifies that something is wrong with it, so hiring an expert for repair or replacement is necessary. Here are some heat pump noises you shouldn’t ignore and what they mean.

1. Metallic Clanging Noises

A faulty fan can cause your heat pump to produce a metallic clinging sound. Shut off the heat pump’s power as soon as you hear this noise because letting the unit run with a faulty fan could damage the motor, causing severe problems. Loose parts or fasteners can also cause metallic clanging noises, so it’s best to hire a heating repair technician to fix the issue.

2. Vibrations and Rattling Noises

Rattling and vibrating noises from your heat pump can be due to a loose cover panel or loose screws. The noises could also indicate serious issues with the heat pump, like air handler problems or overly tight coolant piping. It’s necessary to call an HVAC professional to inspect your heat pump and fix it to eliminate the rattling sounds and vibrations.

3. Humming Noise

It’s common for your heat pump to make humming sounds as it operates because it uses electricity to heat and cool your home. If the humming noise is disruptive or coming from the inside, there could be an electrical problem. It could be a nonfunctional fan motor or broken-down part, so hire an expert for assistance.

4. Grinding Noise

A grinding sound from your heat pump signifies dirty parts or components that require lubrication. The sound could also indicate a faulty motor. Grinding sounds are often due to a lack of regular heat pump maintenance, and it’s best to switch off the unit to prevent further damage.

Heat pump noises could mean several things. Ensure that you switch off your heat pump if you notice any of these sounds and hire a repair professional. Call us at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning today for affordable and dependable heating installation services.

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