Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Martin County and Surrounding Areas

Let’s say you were planning to do some home renovations. The first step that you should take is to make all the appropriate measurements and calculations. AC replacements and installations are no different. Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated company that provides efficient, high-performance AC installations that endure.

Our Certified Comfort Specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your home before making the necessary calculations. This is important because the design and installation of your new air conditioner will largely determine its performance and efficiency. We emphasize to all of our employees that it is imperative to always be detail oriented and focused on the job at hand.


Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning was established in 1957 as an electrical company. Today, our values have remained unchanged, to treat our customers like family and provide them with the best services available. Our service area includes Martin County, St. Lucie County, Stuart, Palm City, and Hobe Sound, FL, as well as the surrounding areas.

How Central Air Conditioning Systems Work

Central air conditioning units are intricate machines that need to be installed and serviced by professionals. However, understanding the basics of how they work is relatively simple.

The air conditioner circulates refrigerant through a series of lines that run between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. A motorized fan pulls in the warmer air from inside your home through return vents.

When the refrigerant is pumped into the evaporator coil it absorbs the heat from the warm air. This now cooled air then flows through the ducts and into your home.

Central Air Conditioners Filter Your Home’s Air

In addition to providing a comfortable temperature for your home, central air conditioning also has other benefits for you and your family. For one thing, central AC units come with a built-in air filtration system that traps a wide range of pollutants. Of course, the type of filter you choose and how often you change it will determine how effective the filtration system is.

New Air Conditioning Installations Done Correctly

A new AC installation that is done correctly will effectively cool your entire house, filter the air, and help regulate humidity. New systems are 30-50 percent more efficient than they were in the 1970’s. Unfortunately, today many AC replacements and installations are not designed and performed properly.

In these instances, systems that have the potential to save substantial amounts of energy aren’t much more efficient than their older counterparts. This is precisely the reason that choosing the right HVAC company is so critical.

We are a Trane Comfort Specialist and our technicians are NATE-certified. Contact the experts at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning today for more information, or to schedule your air conditioning installation.

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