Controls & Thermostats in Martin County and Surrounding Areas

Your AC thermostat measures the indoor temperature and tells your air conditioner when to run. It helps determine how much you spend on heating and cooling. If you have an old, outdated, or inaccurate thermostat, ask us about upgrading. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost the performance of your HVAC equipment.


Upgrading Your AC Thermostat

If you’re interested in replacing your thermostat, our Certified Comfort Specialists can recommend an energy-efficient replacement that’s compatible with your existing heating or air conditioning system. We can also assist with zoning and equipment upgrades. AS a Trane Comfort Specialist, we install the following AC thermostats :

  • Standard Models: Traditional HVAC controls feature a simple digital display that lets you adjust the temperature, control the fan and choose between the heating and cooling modes. Some offer additional features designed for variable-speed air handlers and multi-stage compressors.
  • Programmable Models: These devices help you save energy when you’re away, and they ensure that you’re comfortable when you’re home. Most have customizable weekend and weekday schedules plus a vacation mode and features that maximize the efficiency of heat pumps and high-performance HVAC systems.
  • Wi-Fi Controls: Smart thermostats take your comfort and energy savings to the next level. These intelligent controls let you adjust the temperature from any smartphone or web-enabled device. If you have a variable-speed cooling system or a whole-house air cleaner, the thermostat will automatically select the most efficient settings.
  • Home Automation Bridges: We also install Trane smart thermostats that feature built-in Nexia home automation hubs. In addition to controlling your HVAC system, these products let you adjust the lights, build a self-monitored security system and automate your irrigation equipment.

Benefits of Installing New Air Conditioning Thermostats

Control the temperature and take charge of your comfort by having our Certified Comfort Specialists install a new thermostat. Studies show that 60 percent of homeowners who had a smart thermostat installed reported that their house felt somewhat to substantially more comfortable after the upgrade. What’s more, an upgrade can also save money on utilities. When used as recommended, a programmable thermostat can lower your heating bills by 10 percent and help you save 15 percent on cooling costs.

Thermostat Installation Services in Martin County

If your current thermostat isn’t accurately tracking the temperature or if you’re interested in taking advantage of the latest energy-saving features, contact Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning in Stuart, Florida, by calling today. Our Certified Comfort Specialists will be happy to give you a quote or to provide more information about our selection of energy-efficient air conditioning thermostats.

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