Duct Work in Martin County and Surrounding Areas

Optimize the performance of your HVAC ducts to enjoy enhanced comfort, improved air quality and smaller energy bills. Your ductwork doesn’t have any moving parts or sensitive electronic controls, yet it’s a critical part of your heating and cooling system. If you’re ready for an upgrade or if you’re building a new home in Martin County, we’re available to complete repairs and to install ducts and vents.

Ductwork Installations for New Constructions and Additions


Your HVAC ducts are responsible for distributing air through your home, but they actually perform two jobs. On the return side, the ducts must be properly positioned and sized so that they deliver the optimal amount of incoming air to your AC unit. This helps your air conditioner perform efficiently, and it supports a healthy air change rate. On the supply side, the ducts and vents must send the right amount of climate-controlled air to each room.

Because your HVAC ducts have a significant impact on your comfort and your home’s energy efficiency, we follow manufacturer recommendations and industry best practices. When we install ducts and vents in a home or office, we use a combination of math, science, and practical thinking. Our Certified Comfort Specialists customize both portions of the ductwork to fit the unique layout of your living space. Whether you’re designing a custom home or updating an existing building, our duct installation contractors will ensure that you enjoy peak performance from your heating and cooling system.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Ductwork

The condition of your ductwork affects your comfort and determines how much you spend on heating and cooling. If your existing ducts are damaged or poorly sealed, you’ll enjoy the following benefits by upgrading :

  • Less Noise: Our fiberglass HVAC ducts are fully insulated to prevent energy losses while reducing airflow noise and mechanical vibrations.
  • Better IAQ: Properly sealed ducts improve your home’s air quality by stopping attic and crawlspace dust from entering the airstream and infiltrating your HVAC unit.
  • Improved Efficiency: According to Energy Star, most ducts allow 30 percent of climate-controlled air to escape. Our ductwork installation methods prevent these energy losses to save you money.
  • Premium Comfort: To eliminate hot and cold spots and to enhance your comfort, we balance the airflow and seal the ductwork thoroughly.
  • Longevity: Ducts that are properly sized and sealed minimize the strain that’s placed on your air conditioner, which helps your HVAC equipment last longer.

Our Duct Installation Contractors

If you’re interested in repairing or replacing your HVAC ducts, contact Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning by calling today. Our Certified Comfort Specialists will assess your ductwork and recommend the most practical and cost-effective solution for increasing your comfort and controlling your home’s energy use. Our service area includes Martin County, St. Lucie County, Stuart, Palm City, and Hobe Sound, FL, as well as the surrounding areas.

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