Air filters pull dust, pollen and other particles from the air to help ensure you have clean air in your Hobe Sound, FL home. However, to effectively protect yourself from allergens and pollutants, you need the right air filter. The following are four factors that you should consider before purchasing an air filter.

Particle Pollution Capacity

You should consider the particle pollution capacity the air filter you are going to buy will have. You will see a reading of PM with a number to designate how small of pollutants are able to be removed. The smaller the number on your air filter, the more improved your air quality will be.

For example, PM10 means that it will remove particles 10 micrometers in diameter and smaller. For comparison, the size of human hair is 70 micrometers in diameter.

Chemicals and Odors

Some advanced air filtration systems can also remove chemicals and harmful odors from the air in your home. A carbon filter is the piece of the air filter that is able to remove these. This filter will pull the harmful chemicals to the filter through wood, nutshells or other compounds.

Installation Options

You should look for an air filter that is flexible upon installation. This will allow it to fit any part of your heating or air conditioning system that you may have in your home. It could even work by itself as a stand-alone if it is flexible enough.

Noise Levels

You should consider the noise levels of the air filter you are interested in buying. If you have young children or want a quiet home, for instance, purchase an air filter that will not make much noise when it is doing its job. An air filter that is completely insulated will have the least noise associated with it.

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