Like all appliances, your air conditioner has mechanical parts that can become worn down, which can in turn have a significant effect on your unit’s efficiency and performance. Fortunately, regular servicing by a HVAC professional can help keep this wear at bay and improve the performance of your unit both now and in the future.

Understand the warning signs associated with an air conditioner that is in need of servicing so you can head off performance problems and expensive repairs.

Poor Air Circulation

If you notice that the air flow coming out of your vents is faint or no air is coming out of the vents at all, your air conditioner either has an improperly functioning fan that needs to be replaced or the ducts of your air conditioning system need to be cleaned out.

Unpleasant Sounds

Another good indicator of issues with the mechanical components within your air conditioner is if you notice any sort of grinding or other unpleasant sound coming out of the unit when it kicks in. While normal movement noises are to be expected, anything that sounds like metal rubbing or grating against another surface points to issues with specific components.

These noises are more than an annoyance; they point to rubbing between parts within your air conditioner that shouldn’t be rubbing together. If this continues, parts can break down and necessitate complicated, expensive repairs.

Bad Smells

If you notice that a strong, earthy smell comes out of your vents every time your air conditioner kicks in, you may have mold growing in your ducts. This can occur due to moisture accumulation in the ducts if they haven’t been cleaned out in a long time.

If mold is growing in the vents, not only will you need to contact a professional to clean out your ducts, but you will likely need to contact a water damage remediation specialist to inspect the area behind your walls for signs of mold spreading out of your ducts and into other areas of your home.

Pooling Water

You should do a visual inspection of your interior and exterior units of your air conditioner unit at least once a year to see if there are any signs of damage that need to be addressed. However, if during this inspection you notice pools of water near the base of either unit, you will likely need to replace or clean out various drainage tubes.

Beyond pool water, you should also inspect your unit for any signs of ice freezing on the unit while it is running. Ice can be caused by running the unit at too high of a load, which can place stress on the internal components and greatly increase the risk of further damage.

Increased Energy Bills

If your energy bills suddenly increase with no increase in the amount of general appliance or power usage in your home, your central air conditioner may be to blame. A variety of factors, from a damaged thermostat to a clogged air filter, can make your air conditioner work harder to create the same amount of cooling.

Fixing this problem early is the most economical thing to do, as the cost of higher energy bills each month can quickly eclipse the cost of a minor repair.

For any questions about any issues that you may be experiencing with your air conditioner, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning Our team of experienced HVAC specialists will be happy to work with you to prevent your air conditioner from needing expensive repairs in the future or to get your cool air blowing again.

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