Prepare your air conditioner for the hard summer ahead by scheduling a spring maintenance appointment. Tuneups are best in the spring and fall to minimize system damage and keep energy efficiency consistent. Here are five benefits of a spring AC tuneup in Palm City, FL:

Fewer AC Repairs

While you can never completely erase the chance you’ll need repairs, you can prevent many common AC issues with routine maintenance. An experienced service technician can spot and replace faulty or compromised parts before they break and affect your cooling output.

Improved Cooling Efficiency

Air conditioners come with SEER ratings that detail their maximum efficiency levels. Constant use over the years wears this efficiency down as your system struggles to produce adequate cooling. A tuneup keeps your AC system’s efficiency as high as possible during its lifespan.

Longer AC System Lifespan

After 10 to 15 years, your AC system will eventually reach a point where it needs a replacement. Without expert care, it’s more likely your system will fail prematurely due to unresolved internal problems. You may only get around five to eight years of use before you need a new AC system installation.

Smaller Risk of Breakdowns

During the peak of summer when the temperatures are at all-time highs, your AC system kicks on constantly to keep your home comfortable. If your AC system already struggles with wear and tear, any excessive strain could cause a breakdown. A quick spring inspection could save you from scrambling to find local emergency repair services.

Warranty Protection

Your system’s warranty is a safety net that can help you cover costs in case of a manufacturing defect or performance issue. To maintain this warranty, you’re usually required to call for regular AC tuneups and inspections.

A spring maintenance appointment is the easiest way to give your family the best indoor comfort possible during warm seasons. Call Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning for reputable AC maintenance in Palm City, FL.

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