High humidity can be a nuisance in Martin County, FL, especially during the summer. It can make you feel sticky, uncomfortable, and tired. The following are ways in which high humidity can affect your AC unit’s performance and increase your power bills.

Organic Growth

Organic growth results from high humidity levels in your Martin County, FL home. Organic growth on the coils of your air conditioning system will cause the coils to clog up and act sluggish. This causes your AC unit’s performance to decline.

In turn, your air conditioning system will have to work harder to reduce the humidity in your home and achieve the levels of comfort you desire. This leads to higher energy bills. You can prevent unwanted organic growth by cleaning your AC system regularly to ensure that your AC unit is properly maintained.

Damp Indoor Air

If damp indoor air circulates in your home, it will result in high humidity levels and cause the air in your home to be uncomfortable. You must address and reduce the source of moisture if your home is damp. High humidity can decrease the efficiency of your AC system, thus causing it to run longer and overwork itself.

When your AC unit is overworking, there will be more energy consumption. This causes your utility bills to spike.

To reduce damp indoor air, try to install a dehumidifier to help reduce humidity levels. You can also install a smart thermostat that automatically turns your AC on when the humidity levels in your home become too high.

Increased Energy Use

High humidity can increase your energy bills during the summer. This is because your air conditioner works harder to cool the air circulating in your home. When high humidity levels get paired with extreme temperatures, your AC unit will have to operate for more hours to keep you comfortable.

This leads to increased energy consumption and a spike in your energy bills during the summer months. To reduce energy consumption, you should regularly schedule AC tune-ups and maintenance services to help ensure your AC operates at optimum efficiency.

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