It is hurricane season here in Palm City, Florida. It is essential that you prepare your home in case a hurricane hits, whether you are planning on staying or evacuating. Most of your HVAC system sits on the outside of your home and you want to be sure to protect this important investment during a hurricane. Let’s look at some things you can do to help keep your air conditioner secured and protected during a major storm.

Turn Off the Electrical Breakers

When the storm is impending, make sure and switch the circuit breaker that runs the air conditioner to the off position. Generally, the power goes out during a hurricane and if there are electrical surges when power is restored, it could damage the electrical components of the air conditioner. Once the hurricane has passed, have us carefully inspect the unit before you turn the electricity back on.

Elevate the Outside Unit

If your home is prone to flooding, hire a contractor to build an elevated platform for the outside unit. Water damage can cause major problems for the air conditioner and the best way to prevent flooding is to raise the unit.

Secure it With Hurricane Straps

High winds are often the most destructive aspects of a hurricane. Flying debris can cause all sorts of havoc and damage. If possible, have a secure cover built around the outside portion of your air conditioner. Make sure that all screws, nuts, and bolts are tight and have us add hurricane straps to help hold it down. Be sure to clear any debris away from the area that may damage the unit during high winds.

After the storm has passed, call us right away so we can inspect the air conditioner for any damage and repair any issues we see. To schedule an appointment to have your HVAC system maintained or repaired, call our experts at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning today. We are ready to speak with you at (772) 222-3827.

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