If your thermostat in Hobe Sound, FL, is over 10 years old, it could be the culprit behind your HVAC issues. Outdated thermostats cause issues affecting system performance, efficiency and reliability. Here are some HVAC problems outdated thermostats can cause in your home:

Inaccurate Temperature Control

Old thermostats use basic mechanical sensors, so they only provide a rough approximation of the current temperature. This lack of precision leads to energy waste from inefficient operation. Upgrading to a modern smart thermostat with electronic sensors enables more accurate temperature control.

Increased Risk of Electrical Failure

As thermostats age, the internal wires and electrical connections corrode from moisture, dirt and general wear and tear. This deterioration can eventually lead to complete electrical failure of the thermostat, leaving your HVAC system unusable. Replacing outdated thermostats before problems arise prevents inconvenient and costly HVAC downtime.

Excessive Dust Buildup

Dust accumulating inside an old thermostat can coat electrical contacts and insulate temperature sensors. This accumulation disrupts electrical connections and skews temperature readings. Modern sealed smart thermostats prevent problematic dust buildup.

Misaligned Anticipator

Many old thermostats contain an anticipator coil that expands and contracts with temperature changes. This coil helps regulate the timing of when the HVAC system turns on and off. Over many years of use, the anticipator can fall out of alignment, reducing the thermostat’s accuracy in starting and stopping your HVAC system.

Higher Energy Costs

The imprecision and lack of optimization in old thermostats often result in higher energy costs. Smart thermostats can schedule setbacks and customize runtime to match your usage patterns, resulting in increased efficiency and monthly savings.

Before additional problems arise, consider replacing your outdated thermostat in Hobe Sound, FL. Contact the HVAC specialists at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning, where we have the expertise to maintain your system and recommend a thermostat to suit your needs.

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