While winters in Stuart, Florida, are usually pleasant and mild, homeowners still tend to see a rise in utility bills due to holiday entertaining and other activities. However, by taking advantage of the latest home technology, you can minimize your winter utility costs.

Kitchen Appliances

Most homeowners tend to do more cooking and baking in winter, meaning that kitchen appliances get more use. If you plan on cooking large family dinners and baking holiday treats, you might consider upgrading to smart appliances. Smart stovetops and ovens are safer, more accurate, and consume less energy than conventional versions. If you have an older refrigerator, it may be contributing to your higher winter utility bills, especially if you’re storing extra food for holiday celebrations. An energy-efficient smart refrigerator can reduce consumption while making it safer to store food.

Holiday Decorations

If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, then you already know that lighting consumes a lot of extra energy. Consider switching to smart LED lighting. LED light bulbs last longer and use up less energy. Many smart lighting kits include a timer, so you can program your lights to run for a specific time. You can even operate your smart holiday lights by remote control.


On days when it does get chilly, you’ll want to make sure that your heater is running efficiently. Make sure your HVAC filters are cleaned and changed regularly. You should also make sure that furniture and other household items aren’t blocking the vents. You might consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. Not only are smart thermostats more energy-efficient, but they are easier to program according to your preferences. You can even turn your smart thermostat on using your phone, so your house is warm and cozy when you get home from work.

Here at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning, our team of experts is happy to help you reduce your winter utility costs. Call us today at (772) 222-3827 to discuss smart thermostats and other energy-efficient solutions.

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