Late winter and early spring boast comfortable temperatures for those living in Stuart, Florida. Your utility bills are probably low this time of year because you’re not using the furnace or air conditioner. As with most good things in life, though, you’d better enjoy the comfortable weather of early spring while it lasts, because it will come to an end once the dead heat of summer sets in. Saving energy and reducing repair costs are two of the top benefits of prepping your air conditioner for warmer weather.

Save Money on Cooling Expenses

Prepping the AC for summer starts with changing the air filter. A dirty filter hinders the system’s ability to cool your home, as it restricts air flow. It also translates into lots of dirt and dust in the air, along with other airborne allergens. Change the filter once a month to maximize the AC’s cooling efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

Reduce Repair Costs

Like your car, your AC needs a tune-up on a regular basis. Without maintenance, you’re likely to be out hundreds of dollars on repairs that could have easily been prevented. A neglected cooling system will reduce cooling efficiency and increase cooling expenses as well.

During an AC tune-up, a professional service technician will clean the condenser coils to reduce wear and tear on the system. The technician will check the coolant level to ensure the AC achieves peak operating performance. To further increase energy efficiency, the technician will lubricate all moving parts. If you’re using a forced-air cooling system, an inspection of the home’s ductwork will also be performed to pinpoint possible energy loss. All these maintenance tasks keep the AC in optimal condition and reduce repair costs.

Improve Indoor Comfort

The most notable reason to prep your air conditioner for warmer weather is that it will provide you with peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing you and your family are ready to beat the heat. Your well-maintained AC will function at optimal efficiency to maximize indoor comfort levels. Contact us at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning today at (772) 222-3827 to schedule an AC tune-up.

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