Though winter temperatures in Hobe Sound, FL, usually don’t drop below freezing, they can get cold enough that you need to run your furnace. Nothing is worse than turning it on and finding that it makes your home even colder. Find out why this happens and the top ways to resolve the issue.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

One reason your home feels too cold could be that you’re relying on the wrong thermostat settings. As a result, the heating won’t automatically come on as needed. You may also need to talk with a pro about installing a new thermostat. Smart models offer automatic adjustments and remote control.

Bad Pilot Light

If your pilot light keeps going out, your furnace doesn’t get the fuel needed to keep your home warm. You also face a problem when the fuel source is empty, or its valve is off. These issues will keep the furnace from running.

Dirty Air Filter

Your furnace uses an air filter to catch particles and debris. When the filter is dirty, the furnace needs to work harder just to move heat through it. This often makes the temperature of your home drop to around the same temperature that you feel outside.

Leaky Ducts

The ducts in your home help warm air move from the furnace to each room. Any leaks in the ducts allow some of the warm air to escape and keep it from reaching the areas where you need it. You may encounter similar problems when you have missing sections or other issues with your ducts.

When your furnace has problems, you need to call an HVAC service technician to find out if you have leaky ducts, a bad pilot light, the wrong temperature settings or a dirty air filter. Call Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning today for any heating repairs you need.

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