Summers in Palm City, FL, are no joke when it comes to heat. Anything that makes a room even hotter should be avoided. If you want a consistent temperature throughout your home, remember the following guidelines to avoid common causes of hot indoor air.

Blinds and Windows Left Open in the Daytime

A home’s walls should serve as a barrier between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Shut doors and windows during the day to keep the hot outdoor air at bay. This will allow you to maintain a cool climate indoors.

Deflect direct sunlight with curtains, blinds or plants. When sunlight enters a room, this will heat up the temperature in just that area.

Heat Rising in Multilevel Homes

Generally, two-story homes have a notable temperature difference between the downstairs and the upstairs. Upstairs rooms can be 8-9 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than downstairs because of the rising nature of heat.

Appliances Warming the Atmosphere

Some rooms are hot in summer because of their nearness to appliances that can produce tremendous amounts of heat. The oven is an obvious culprit.

When baking in Palm City, FL, on a hot summer day, rooms adjoining your kitchen can become saunas. Small spaces are particularly prone to this effect.

Improper Use of Fans

Fans can be immensely beneficial in making rooms feel cooler during the warm and hot months, but they must be positioned strategically and used effectively. For instance, ceiling fans need to spin counter-clockwise to give a wind-chill effect.

Place other fans seven to nine feet above the floor and a foot below the ceiling. Keep AC use optimal as well for the best results.

These guidelines will help you to keep a cooler house in the hot summer months of Palm City, FL. For more assistance in keeping your cool, reach out to us at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning. We’ll provide the AC services you need.

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