Though the summers can be brutal here in Hobe Sound, FL, they shouldn’t cause your heat pump to run forever. A typical cycle should last between 10 and 15 minutes. If your heat pump never seems to shut off, then it may be experiencing one or more of the following problems.

Dirt Build-Up on the Coils

Your heat pump has an evaporator coil in the air handler and a condenser coil in the compressor. Both need to stay clean year-round; dirt and grime only hinder their operation, which involves the absorption and release of heat energy. If your heat pump’s coils are dirty, you may experience long cycles in addition to lukewarm air.

A Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant refers to the chemical that absorbs the heat and carries it to the compressor for release. Without a sufficient refrigerant charge, your heat pump won’t cool, and thus it will run forever in a fruitless attempt to reach your set point. Maintenance usually includes leak detection because leaks pose a threat not only to energy efficiency but also to one’s health and the environment.

Insufficient Power for Your Home’s Size

Extremely long cycles may result from the fact that a heat pump is too small and thus not powerful enough for the home it’s cooling. Know that heat pumps come with specifications to meet and that both oversized and undersized units can lead to inefficiency and enormous wear and tear.

We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction

Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning has been providing repairs for heating and cooling systems in Hobe Sound since 1957, so call us if your heat pump doesn’t turn off. Our NATE-certified technicians can work on any brand or model of heat pump, though you should know that we have a designation as a Trane Comfort Specialist. If you face an emergency, you can call any time, any day.

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