A sunroom offers an alternative for homeowners in Palm City, FL, to experience the outdoors during summer without going outside. To make this space comfortable during summer, you need a cooling system. Let’s explore some air conditioning options that you can consider for your sunroom.

Window AC Systems Are Loud and Inefficient

A window air conditioner is a simple cooling system with all its components contained in one casing. You must manually switch the system on and off when you enter and leave your sunroom. While many older sunrooms still use window air conditioners for cooling, this isn’t the best option. There are other more energy-efficient air conditioning options for a sunroom available today.

Expand Your Air Conditioning System’s Vents

For this option, a service technician will add vents in your sunroom. Your existing central air conditioning system will start cooling your sunroom with the rest of the house. Before you pursue this option, request a service technician to determine if your cooling system can handle the extra cooling load. If it can’t, consider other air conditioning alternatives since the extra cooling load will make your system overwork, resulting in regular breakdowns and high AC repair costs.

Invest in a Ductless Air Conditioner

A ductless air conditioner has an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit absorbs heat from the indoor air, and the outdoor unit disposes of this heat to the surroundings. This system has no ductwork. This is the best air conditioning option for a sunroom. A ductless AC installation is quick, the system operates efficiently and mini-split maintenance is minimal.

Before you settle for a particular air conditioning option for your sunroom, ensure you’re comfortable with its advantages and disadvantages. You can call the AC service experts at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning for all your cooling needs. Our service technicians have extensive experience working in the HVAC industry.

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