Palm City, FL, has long, hot summers and higher annual rainfall than the US average. Here’s how you can prepare your HVAC system in early spring for the high temperatures.

Professional AC Tune-Up

Only a certified professional can take care of certain maintenance tasks for your HVAC system. Examples of these tasks are cleaning the internal components, inspecting your unit for signs of damage, and lubricating moving parts.

You need to schedule an AC tune-up at least once a year in Palm City, FL, to prevent problems with your air conditioning system. Lack of maintenance causes increased breakdowns, inefficiency, poor indoor air quality, and poor indoor comfort.

Ductwork Inspection

If your air conditioning system uses ductwork, then holes in your ductwork will cause lower efficiency and decreased indoor comfort as air escapes. A company that offers ductwork services can seal holes for you.

Air Filter Replacement

You should change your HVAC system’s air filter every one to three months depending on your particular model. Check the user’s manual to know how often you need to change or clean the air filter.

Dirty air filters cause obstructed airflow, which in turn causes problems with the system like inefficiency, overheating, and inadequate cooling. Staying on top of your air filter changes is an easy way of reducing the need for HVAC repairs.

Clean and Unobstructed Outdoor Condenser

As spring arrives, take a look at your outdoor condenser. Are there weeds, debris, and other objects within 3 feet of it? You’ll need to cut the grass and remove any debris that’s on or around the condenser to prevent obstructed airflow.

Also, closely inspect the condenser for rust. If you can see rust on the outside of the unit, then you need an HVAC service technician to check the internal components.

After checking off these four tasks, you can pat yourself on the back for preparing your HVAC system for warmer temperatures. Contact Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning to schedule an AC tune-up in Palm City, FL.

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