The indoor air handler in your Stuart, FL home distributes conditioned air throughout the entire property. Unfortunately, much like your HVAC system itself, your air handler has a finite lifespan. The following are four signs that you need indoor air handler repairs or replacement:

There’s Little to No Air Coming From Your Vents

Weak or inconsistent airflow indicates that you should check the HVAC system’s air filter. If this component is full of debris, your air handler will have a hard time moving air through it. However, if you have a clean air filter in and still lack a steady output of conditioned air, turn your system off and schedule HVAC repairs.

You’re Paying to Fix Problems Each Year

You shouldn’t have to pay for major air handler repairs more than once throughout your HVAC system’s lifespan. In fact, with diligent HVAC maintenance, it’s often possible to sidestep air handler issues entirely. If your air handler develops serious problems annually, replacing it is likely the most cost-effective choice.

Blower Fan Won’t Kick Into Action

The blower motor in your indoor air handler drives a blower fan. It’s this component that forces air into and through your ducting. As such, if it doesn’t turn on, your indoor temperature won’t change even though your heater or air conditioner is running.

There’s Water at the Base of Your Indoor Air Handler

Pooling water at the base of your indoor air handler indicates problems along your HVAC system’s condensate drain line. If you don’t have regular HVAC maintenance, these lines will fill up with fast-growing algal blooms. To keep condensate drain leaks and overflows from causing serious air handler damage, schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment right away.

If your air handler is acting up, timely interventions will prevent minor issues from spiraling out of control. Get in touch with our team at Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning today to schedule heater or air conditioner repairs.

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