Many Stuart, FL, homeowners don’t spend much time thinking about their air ducts. However, leaky air ducts could waste a lot of the cooled air from your air conditioner, and they also contribute to indoor air quality problems. Consider these three ways that ductwork upgrades performed by experienced service technicians could improve your home’s air quality.

Prevent Dust Infiltration

Dust is one of the most common indoor air pollutants. Many people are allergic to dust mites, and lowering dust levels could lessen your allergy symptoms. Ductwork upgrades help stop the dust from getting into the ducts and circulating through your home. A professional ductwork upgrade could also save you hundreds of dollars each year by preventing unwanted air leaks.

Avoid Moisture Buildup

Gaps and cracks in ducts allow moisture to build up in these dark spaces. The presence of moisture fuels organic growth. As this occurs, this growth can release spores that contribute to indoor air quality problems. Ductwork upgrades help prevent the buildup of moisture. You’ll breathe easier, and your home’s air will be cleaner and healthier. Reducing moisture buildup also reduces the workload on your home’s air conditioning system. When experienced service technicians install a vapor barrier on the cooling ducts, this reduces moisture buildup.

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots

Old, leaky air ducts often result in hot and cold spots in your home. When some areas of your home don’t get enough cool, dehumidified air, they will feel uncomfortable. Hot and cold spots also contribute to air quality problems. Inconsistent temperatures overwork your air conditioning system, causing excessive wear and tear and reducing its lifespan. Ductwork upgrades, such as repairing gaps and replacing old joints may help. You may also consider replacing old, inefficient ductwork with a new, energy-efficient design.

To learn more about ductwork upgrades, check out Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning ductwork services, or call us today for additional information.

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