What’s the definition of a smart home in Hobe Sound, FL? Picture a place where everything from your appliances to your HVAC systems runs according to your personal preferences. Imagine waking up to a hot cup of coffee or checking your locks from the comfort of your bed. Envision a future where you can switch on lights, check video cameras, and adjust temperature settings remotely from your smartphone. Nexia’s home automation bridge is the technology that makes it all possible.

Your Portal to the Future

The idea of a fully automated home is appealing, but most people don’t want to deal with a complicated installation. As the centerpiece of the Nexia Home Intelligence system, the bridge is a game-changer. There’s no contract to sign or setup fee. An affordable monthly subscription lets you link up more than 200 compatible products.

  • The Nexia home automation bridge looks and works like a router. Simply plug it into your Wi-Fi network, connect your devices, and you’re ready to go.
  • Your online Nexia account and mobile apps make it easy to access, monitor, and program your devices. You can even coordinate your gadgets to operate together.
  • With an Amazon Echo, you can also control your automated devices with voice commands. The Nexia Bridge makes it all happen!

Getting Started

HVAC controls that come equipped with the Nexia Bridge offer you a smart way to automate your home and upgrade your comfort. Trane’s ComfortLink II XL1050 is an ideal example. This smart thermostat lets you program up to four different temperature settings every day of the week. In every season, you can wake up and come home to a comfortable environment. You can also track your energy usage and receive alerts when it’s time to schedule maintenance.

At Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning, we’re proud to offer products and services that add comfort and convenience to your life. To learn more, explore our HVAC controls and thermostat section or call (772) 222-3827.

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