Modern furnaces should operate efficiently without producing any jarring noises. If harsh and heavy sounds suddenly come from your furnace, this is as reliable an indicator as any that all is not well in your Stuart, FL, home. Here’s an explanation of why your furnace might suddenly become so noisy:

Normal Noises

It’s normal for a furnace to emit a clicking noise when it initially turns on. This noise comes from the initial ignition and should only last for a short time. You should especially hear this sound if you haven’t used your furnace in some time.

Blunt Noises

As for the unusual and problematic furnace noises, we can break these down into two broad categories: blunt noises and sharp noises. The blunt noises include things like banging, rattling, rumbling, humming and buzzing. Blunt impacts or loose parts tend to create these noises.

For example, rattling noises may come from a loose panel door, while a rumbling noise may indicate a damaged burner or a malfunctioning pilot light. A light, dull humming or buzzing noise is normal, but a loud one could point to underlying issues with your furnace’s blower motor. Oil-based furnaces tend to make knocking noises when air bubbles have become trapped in their lines.

In nearly all of these cases, you’ll need a professional service technician to repair or maintain your furnace. Even if the problem only seems to be a loose panel door, it may be wise to invite a service technician over so he can examine your system more closely.

Sharp Noises

Sharp noises include things like whistling and screeching. If your air filters are old and dirty, the filth on them could create friction with moving air and generate a whistling noise. Screeching noises might indicate a problem with either the blower motor or the furnace’s belt.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with these noises so that you can react quickly and request professional help as soon as possible. Call Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning for the best heating repair services in Stuart, FL.

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