When your thermostat screen goes blank, you can’t control the temperature or use your HVAC system. This is a big problem in Stuart, FL, due to the tropical climate in the area. These are a few reasons that your HVAC thermostat screen goes blank.

No Power

The screen will go blank if the thermostat doesn’t have a power source. A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse can prevent it from coming on and running. Even if you have battery power, the batteries may die at the same time you have a power failure.

Tripped Switch

Many heating and cooling systems have a switch that automatically trips when they use too much power. This keeps it from overloading your electrical panel. If your thermostat runs for a few minutes and then shuts off, it’s likely a tripped switch.

It’s Off

Smart thermostats must be on to run. If yours is off, the screen will appear blank until you hit the power button. Press and hold down on the button for a few seconds to reset the thermostat and get it running again to see if it’s a simple fix.

Dirty Wiring

Thermostats have different types of wiring inside that connect them to heating and cooling systems as well as a power supply. When dust builds up on the wires, it may affect the display and keep it from working. Loose wiring can also affect the display.

Bad Thermostat

Another reason the screen is blank is that the thermostat died or no longer works. This may happen if you attempt to install it yourself or if you choose the wrong type for your heating and cooling system. While repairing it can help, you may need to replace the entire unit.

Modern thermostats have a digital screen that appears black when they don’t have a power source. Other issues that can affect the screen include a tripped switch and dirty or bad wiring that can require a complete replacement. Call the Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning team today to get all of the HVAC thermostat services you need.

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