Since you, no doubt, run your AC frequently during the summer here in Palm City, FL, it can benefit you to have it maintained at least once a year. This you can do through what’s called an energy savings agreement. A residential energy savings agreement can provide your AC with regular tune-ups that will keep it efficient and minimize wear and tear.

More Efficient Performance

Though tune-ups differ in what they cover, depending on the company you hire, most cover basic tasks like filter replacement, coil cleaning, and safety checks. These tasks will keep the AC from overexerting itself when doing its job, creating energy savings. With a tune-up, you won’t have to face issues like short-cycling or low air pressure, which often result from things like dirty coils or clogged filters.

Avoid Repairs and Put Off Replacement

Since maintenance can eliminate certain issues before they get worse, you can avoid many AC repairs and even extend the lifespan of your AC. Remember that a ducted AC can last a good 15 years with regular professional maintenance, and a ductless AC could go for even longer.

Consistent Indoor Comfort

An energy savings agreement will ensure that you never have to deal with warm spots or lukewarm air. After all, the tune-up will allow the air to circulate smoothly, the coils to absorb heat efficiently and the fan to blow the cool air with the right amount of strength. You also won’t deal with high humidity levels, which can otherwise result from an AC malfunction.

Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement

Krauss & Crane Air Conditioning offers a maintenance agreement that’s full of benefits, including a 15% discount on service calls and inflation protection, so call us today to sign up for a tune-up in Palm City, FL. We’re a family-owned and -operated company with a team of NATE-certified technicians who can work on any make or model of AC.

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